Booze OK for me but not for those people meeting

Bring your best Democrats’ hypocrisy & racist bias April 23

Email from Cappleman’s office:

Alderman Cappleman is inviting you and your neighbors to a meeting to discuss the possible lifting of a moratorium in your area. Please pass this information on to your block members and neighbors.

Alderman Cappleman and I met with a potential new tenant that would like to lease the former JJ Peppers site at the corner of Lawrence and Sheridan to open a Circle K and Subway franchise that would include selling packaged alcohol. The business owner, Mr. Dipak Bhatt, operates a number of Subway and Circle K franchises in Illinois and Indiana.

As you may know, there is a moratorium on packaged goods licenses on Sheridan that would prevent a new license to sell liquor. They are asking Alderman Cappleman to lift the moratorium in order to be able to sell packaged alcohol at the Circle K as they do for their other locations. There were some concerns in the past about the need for a state exemption for this location due to the Sarah’s Circle women’s shelter, but their attorney researched the location and confirmed that the shelter is not within the distance to prohibit a license at this address.

Alderman Cappleman would like you to meet with the new potential owner Mr. Dipak Bhatt, someone from the Circle K corporate franchise team, and his attorney Gregory Steadman, to discuss their proposal to lift the moratorium for this business.

When: Monday, April 23 at 7:00 p.m.
Where: Institute for Cultural Affairs, 4750 N. Sheridan, MLK room

Please contact me if you have any questions.



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Don’t let your Neighborly Vigilance confuse Police Officers with People Experiencing Homelessness

46th Ward Homelessness still illegal though it isn’t

Email from Cappleman’s office:

Because of recent concerns about a homeless person sleeping in Arai Park, Chicago Public Schools’ security staff added Arai Park to its rotation for evening security rounds.

Last night, as the CPS security officer was patrolling Arai Park around 10:30 p.m., neighbors called 911 to report him and his car to the police. The CPS officer talked to responding Chicago Police officers and resolved the situation quickly; the CPS security officer is an off-duty Chicago Police Officer who was wearing a CPS Safety and Security jacket and driving a vehicle with municipal plates.

CPS has asked our office to notify neighbors that these patrols are occurring on a regular basis, so there is no confusion. If you are part of a block club and can share this information more widely, we’d appreciate it.

We appreciate your and your neighbors’ vigilance. Please let me know if there are any additional issues or concerns.

Best regards,

Monique Curet
Aldermanic Aide
46th Ward office
City of Chicago


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Cappleman’s Quasi-Governmental Publication Masquerading as Neighborhood Blog

Skirting gov’t ethics certainly, also violating laws?

The question everyone should ask themselves, as a friend said this morning “Seriously folks… after 2016 does anyone have to outline the serious issue of an anonymous “news outlet”?”

It’s a well-known fact, the hurt and damage that Cappleman and his team have inflicted directly upon thousands of Uptown residents since he became alderman of the 46th Ward. His war against diversity, equality and well-being for all is legendary and well-documented. This post is not about that.

In this age of Trump, with conservative propaganda reaching fever pitch, even long-time Chicago news outlet WGN-TV is falling victim to FOX NEWS clone Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Cappleman’s Uptown Update may seem like just another voice in the haystack of the conservative propaganda against true democracy, working tirelessly to scrape every dollar they can for the wealthy in every legal, illegal and abusive way they can. Many conservatives would say so what…

But if Cappleman, his family, and paid gov’t and campaign staff participate in the Uptown Update’s anonymous shenanigans directly or indirectly, is that legal?

The People of Chicago Demand Transparency

The undersigned to this petition, demand the 46th Ward Alderman Cappleman, his alderman’s office and campaign staff, his donors and beneficiaries disclose publicly and permanently their ownership, operational, editorial and financial relationships to the Uptown Update. This includes immediate family of all the above.

These disclosures or lack of disclosure shall be verifiable to appropriate ethics and enforcement officials with written and electronic communications, tax and banking records.

We demand the Uptown Update disclose publicly and permanently on all their online properties, ALL admins, ownership, operational, editorial and financial relationships.

The people have a right to know vested, unethical and possibly illegal interests.


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People of Chicago Demand Verifiable Transparency of Ald Cappleman

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I’m not a pragmatic voter

Pragmatic voting is death to our political system

If only ballots had None Of The Above for a choice, things would change quickly. As it is, voting your conscience can be costly.

If you always choose ‘the best available candidate’ of what choices you are given, if there is no point where all the choices are unacceptable… slowly but surely your choices will degrade. Of course, the most powerful and selfish will eventually dominate and this is where we are today.

Politicians have no incentive to have a platform worthy of your vote. There is no incentive to actually do what they say after being elected either.

There will always be really bad choices. If all you have to do is be the slightly better really bad choice… it’s math, it just gets worse and worse until there is no coming back. Take a beautiful high resolution image and save it at 90% quality over and over, and see the math for yourself. Eventually it is garbage, unusable. This is why today, talk of revolution and guillotines are popular on the net.

Pragmatic voting gave us Trump, Rauner, Emanuel and Cappleman, isn’t that sufficient evidence?

Ok, it’s an overwhelming problem, I get it. Here’s my suggestion. Start local, very local.

Just like you can’t solve world hunger but you can feed the hungry people on your block. Just like you can’t solve homelessness, but you can… you get the point.

You can’t fix our political system, but you can make sure Chicago’s 46th Ward or your ward gets a new alderman that isn’t a crook and a shill for the wealthy. I’m not saying don’t work on the whole spectrum, but really crunch on your starting objective.

Consider it.

Questions? Please ask on Election 46 Facebook Group post.


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