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Complain online about Trump’s nepotism but are OK with Cappleman’s nepotism?

Ald. Cappleman deals with City Hall and real estate developers while husband Richard Thale takes care of the police end of things. Just try and find a picture of these two without bow ties, tuxes or Banana Ward Fantasy Island hats… #JustSayin

There are very good reasons why nepotism is unethical and often illegal in government. OK, Trump gets away with it so far, and so does Cappleman.

Don’t delude yourself like the average Trump supporter, this is real. If you think Trump’s family should be kicked out of government, even unpaid positions, so should Cappleman’s unpaid family.

Alderman Cappleman quotation: “My husband Richard Thale and I have been together for 23 years. Richard is the CAPS Beat Facilitator and 19th Police District Court Advocacy Chair.”

I know I have experienced Cappleman staff physically threatening me in person next to Uptown Baptist Church on Wilson Ave. Even at Democratic Party political events, the same Cappleman former Chief of Staff actually had physical contact and assaulted radio host Maze Jackson.

Recently, Election 46 reported Thale’s neighborhood watch group using the police and courts to enforce their physically aggressive and unsolicited intimidation against political critics. Don’t spend much time trying to imagine this. It’s a fact, they even tried to trump up their VICTIM’s charges to a felony. Talk about text book autocrat.

Cappleman’s husband is not only good at trying to silence and punish political critics in person, he is also useful for stalking critics online, registering slanderous domains anonymously, and using various fake online accounts (there is evidence). OK, no Russian meetings yet, but still if this isn’t Banana Ward behavior, I don’t know what is…

Ignoring the 1st amendment, practicing nepotism, condoning threats and violence, police and court lies, and more. All shared Trump and Cappleman traits. What’s next Alderman, maybe some FOX News Uptown Update propaganda hit pieces?


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VIDEO: 46th Ward Alderman Cappleman claims Black people need to talk to Black alderman

@BTGNCCollective on Twitter:

Our collective members had something to say when they caught Uptown’s Alderman on the redline! Black, homeless, poor, youth, trans and queer folks ain’t going nowhere! Schools for kids, not for cops! #NoCopAcademy #SaveOurSchools #RahmHatesUs

Original Tweet


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Team Cappleman Neighborhood Watch Group just waiting for its own George Zimmerman or Laquan McDonald moment

Used under Fair Use Copyright Law from Uptown Update, image of positive loitering event conveniently missing resident participants

A bunch of untrained paranoid residents and Cappleman directed Police, what could go wrong?

At the very least, most of the 46th Ward perceives Team Cappleman ‘positive loitering’ as racist and oppressive. Now ‘positive loitering’ has been brought to new Trumpian lows with the undeserved arrest of Jeffery Littleton, well known Uptown artist, activist and Cappleman critic.

Facebook Event: Court Support for Jeffrey Littleton

Team Cappleman needs 1st amendment training

I have experienced Cappleman thugs staff get physically threatening and verbally violent (with no objection from Cappleman), and now they are using the police and courts to enforce their aggressive and unsolicited intimidation against political critics?


These types of common Cappleman activities may go well in Trump politically dominated areas but certainly have no place in a diverse area like Uptown Chicago. Positive loiterings Cappleman style are not only violations of Constitutional rights, as well as Federal, State and local laws but dangerous accidents just waiting to happen. Demand the practice stop today.


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Has your rent or property taxes been increasing more than Cappleman’s?

After Alderman Cappleman voted in the largest Chicago property tax increase in history?

Obviously, rent includes property taxes.

The results of Cappleman’s certain to be appealed 2017 taxes are not in yet. But whoa, his taxes in 2016 went down! Did your rent or property taxes decrease in 2016 from the previous year? Or in any other year to year period?

2015 1.3% increase
2016 5% decrease
2017 10% increase (don’t believe it), this is before inevitable appeal

We shall see later the true 2017 rate. I’m predicting he will appeal it at a time that figures will not be available until after the election.

Cappleman Cook County Property Tax Portal results

Results courtesy Cook County Tax Portal

My take is Alderman Cappleman is a personally expensive alderman to have around. All of us pay through the nose for the ‘privilege’, yet somehow Cappleman himself escapes the effects of his own votes for higher taxes…


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Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool Scam

The real Alderman Cappleman and Mayor Emanuel Homelessness Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool

It’s not a start, it’s a Trick on constituents

First, the now cancelled Homelessness Pilot Program and now this Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool nonsense

Here we are with 4 more years of reality history to guide us than the year before the last election, ready for what will likely be the most dishonest, dirty and immature election in Chicago history, especially thanks to the power of the Internet.

The newest campaigning scam is the Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool. Is it a start or a joke? I’d say it’s a joke. It is like giving someone one brick to build a house but even without commensurate effect darn good for campaigning and fooling the low information voters in mailer and online propaganda pieces.

$1.8 million is part of a Campaign budget

To be completely accurate, the Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool is campaigning for Cappleman and Emanuel paid for with public funds. It has nothing to do with people experiencing homelessness. Like every other starter or pilot program Cappleman and Emanuel put out, it has one purpose: Make corrupt and inequitable politicians look good in campaign advertising. If the public can pay for it outside of campaign laws and budgets, even better.

I’d personally be glad to have the $1.8 million, but let’s face it, in the true scope of things the city needs to do, it is nothing. It wouldn’t pay the cost of keeping one lousy alderman in office (including City salary). It wouldn’t pay one third the cost of the elusive $6 million concrete triangle. It wouldn’t pay 12% of the subsidy one lousy luxury high rise received.

Anyone could write a book with just the visible pieces of Cappleman and Emanuel’s corruption and inequity puzzle, much more so the hidden parts… I won’t take your time now.

$1.8 million is not a ‘Good job, Alderman’

It’s an insult to constituents that can read and use calculators. It’s a pathetic disregard for life. It denies the emergency nature and the true extent of real human homelessness suffering.

There are over 50,000 people in the 46th Ward and roughly 2.7 million people in Chicago. It’s time for everyone to count equally.

2019 candidates hoping to successfully unseat status quo incumbents should take note. Corruption and comedy economics may very well win in the end, but if you want to have even the smallest chance at beating incumbents, you better start calling corruption and comedy economics out for what they really are. Otherwise you are wasting everyone’s time and you will lose.

If you are going to run for 46th Ward alderman, speak to it and do it now, people are already receiving Cappleman campaign mailers the 46th Ward News in the mail.

It is the essential first step for candidates, do like Mayoral candidate Troy LaRaviere has, and speak directly to the corruption and inequity in City of Chicago government. Gubernatorial candidates Biss and Kennedy are also speaking directly to corruption and inequity. If you don’t, you lose, period.

In Chicago elections, Cappleman and the Mayor have the right and center right covered, moderate won’t cut it. If you can’t read the electorate, you shouldn’t be in office or wasting people’s time running.

It’s OK to have been wrong about something

Obviously Trump, Rauner, Emanuel and Cappleman couldn’t squeak out a meaningful ‘I was wrong’ if their life depended on it. That is because in their minds, they are not wrong. The biggest things that could be wrong from these corrupt politician points of view are the ineffectiveness of the lies they tell you or getting their hand caught in the kitty. Things like facts, ethics and morality just get in the way…

On an end note, I just want to say candidates, politicians and constituents can always learn and change their minds about anything anytime. Real forward movement is always a good thing.


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