Team Cappleman Neighborhood Watch Group just waiting for its own George Zimmerman or Laquan McDonald moment

Used under Fair Use Copyright Law from Uptown Update, image of positive loitering event conveniently missing resident participants

A bunch of untrained paranoid residents and Cappleman directed Police, what could go wrong?

At the very least, most of the 46th Ward perceives Team Cappleman ‘positive loitering’ as racist and oppressive. Now ‘positive loitering’ has been brought to new Trumpian lows with the undeserved arrest of Jeffery Littleton, well known Uptown artist, activist and Cappleman critic.

Facebook Event: Court Support for Jeffrey Littleton

Team Cappleman needs 1st amendment training

I have experienced Cappleman thugs staff get physically threatening and verbally violent (with no objection from Cappleman), and now they are using the police and courts to enforce their aggressive and unsolicited intimidation against political critics?


These types of common Cappleman activities may go well in Trump politically dominated areas but certainly have no place in a diverse area like Uptown Chicago. Positive loiterings Cappleman style are not only violations of Constitutional rights, as well as Federal, State and local laws but dangerous accidents just waiting to happen. Demand the practice stop today.


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