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Do Not Endorse Cappleman Petition

Doesn’t represent Uptown’s progressive values

Please sign this Petition: Do Not Endorse Alderman Cappleman

Without the benefits of incumbency, Ward Committeeman position and machine politics, the 46th Ward of Chicago’s marginally elected alderman would not be in office today and shouldn’t be in the next election.

Alderman Cappleman truly doesn’t represent the 46th Ward. Over half the money used to elect him comes from outside the ward and it shows in his actions. His words and PR campaigns are not the real Alderman Cappleman.

Well over half the 46th Ward knows Alderman Cappleman is not the person or politician he presents in print and video. His actions are well documented and well known throughout the ward. The 46th Ward deserves better and we, the undersigned are asking you to not endorse him.

In the 46th Ward, economic and racial diversity are more important than pandering to the wealthy and politically connected. In these respects and more, Alderman Cappleman completely fails the majority of the ward’s population.

Show Chicago all people are more important than politics as usual.

Please let the 46th Ward elect its own truly representative alderman

Please sign this Petition: Do Not Endorse Alderman Cappleman


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