In a runoff between Erika Wozniak Francis and Ald. Cappleman, I’d vote for Erika in a nanosecond

However, in the February 26th General Municipal Election I feel there is a better candidate

I admire Erika Wozniak Francis as a person. She’s smart, talented, personable and compassionate. She is worlds of humanity above incumbent Alderman Cappleman and I’m sure Erika would be a much better alderman as well.

In the 46th Ward aldermanic race, she is clearly an establishment-level candidate. Strong ties to unions, endorsements from incumbent politicians and it looks like the post-Cappleman Democratic Party would have no problem welcoming Erika into the fold.

For years I have said ‘Anyone But Cappleman’ and bar Republicans, Nazis or some other unknown as of yet deal killers, I meant it. In an election between Cappleman and anyone, I’m voting for anyone. More specifically, in a runoff election between Cappleman and Erika, I’m down with Erika, I would vote for her in a nanosecond.

In politics, I rarely believe a word a candidate says in a campaign. I’m not going to throw away 40 years of adult accumulated wisdom on this to be pleasant. I watch them, I talk to them when I can, I see who they are associated with, I look at their history. I try to determine if their words match their actions and if they have a realistic plan for enacting their vision.

Neutrality in the election for Chicago Mayor is a bad sign

If Erika has said she is not supporting any mayoral candidate in the election, this is a meaningless statement to me. Most [wishy-washy] aldermanic candidates do this, rather than stand on the strength of transparency and clearly stated public convictions.

It may be a have your cake and eat it too phenomenon, or perhaps candidates just want to go up or down on their own accord, but the reality is mayoral candidates tend to have more history to judge and it’s a good test of an aldermanic candidate’s choices to see who they think is best to hang their shingle on or what kind of candidate is unacceptable to them.

Not supporting any mayoral candidate in an election is not the same thing as not supporting a specific candidate or what they represent once they are elected. Nice try, but not good enough for this old man.

If a 46th Ward aldermanic candidate right from the get go displays a lack of transparency by not telling voters which mayoral candidate they support… this is a 1st round vote killer for me.

It is clear to me from observing and talking to Erika that she began her candidacy as nearly a one topic candidate, education. She is deeply tied to the CTU and other unions. The CTU as you probably know has endorsed Toni Preckwinkle, as have other unions. 7 figure+ union money has flowed to Preckwinkle.

I think Erika recognizes Toni Preckwinkle is a polarizing issue. Erika could disavow Preckwinkle. Erika could speak out against the CTU’s endorsement of Toni Preckwinkle. Erika could condemn the SEIU 7 figure donation to Toni Preckwinkle and so on. Erika could commit to always side with 46th Ward constituents over the CTU/SEIU/etc.

Erika, does not do any of that, however. I’m very concerned 46th Ward voters are a means to an end, instead of top of the pyramid.

Corruption should be the #1 issue

Erika is soft on corruption in my opinion. She doesn’t understand the extent of it and doesn’t see it as systemic in the Democratic Party in Chicago. I didn’t for a long time either, but I totally get it now and I am not going to ignore it.

Erika doesn’t see the ‘keep your mouth shut about other politicians corruption culture’ in City Council that even CTU darling ‘progressive’ 10th Ward Alderman Susan Garza spoke openly of supporting, more interested in being colleagues than upholding the law. Apparently by Erika’s silence the Aldermanic Criminal Code of Silence is OK with her?

If I’m wrong speak straight to it without politician mumbo-jumbo and subject avoidance.

All the good thoughts and feelings, and all the greatest plans fall flat when they run into the wall of Chicago Mayoral and City Council corruption. All campaign statements are useless fluff if we don’t see and act upon real corruption first, not as an afterthought.

I stand by my previous post I don’t care whose machine it is.

Other candidates

  • Marianne Lalonde * My 1st round vote pick, I will write more later
  • Angela Clay
  • Jon-Robert McDowell
  • Justin Kriendler

I will say here, with no intended offense to the male challengers: I respect both of you, in a different time and place I would vote for you. However, it is time for a woman to lead the 46th Ward, Cappleman has completely shut women out of leadership.


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