The Block Club President that challenged Cappleman

This is leadership in action, not words

In a legislative world where most closely hug the status quo and powers that be, Marianne Lalonde said “We deserve better“.

I am not easily impressed, but Marianne impresses me. In a world of future promises, Marianne hit the trail, with actions way before she announced her candidacy. As I noted in READ THIS: Before you vote for 46th Ward Alderman: “Marianne is a doer not a talker, whether it’s being President of the LANA block club, helping put rent control on ballot, spearheading the LSD Wilson Avenue exit removal resistance, as a member of the Clarendon Park Advisory Council, part of the committee to save Uplift, serving at Sarah’s Circle, supporting tiny houses or other things.”

I think the 46th Ward has a lot to look forward to with Marianne as 46th Ward Alderman, consider what she has already shown us.

Sorry to change the subject but in parting can we change the official titles to include alderwoman or alderperson now? Geesh… this old school stuff is tiring…


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