Is 46th Ward politics scared of intelligent women?

Even more so women with extraordinary intelligence?

I’d posit, yes a great deal of it is on both counts.

Certainly, as we have learned firsthand with Cappleman and Trump, hate binds stronger and more thoroughly than equality and the love of humankind, still it always amazes me that intelligence can be almost a liability for a woman in politics. And of course, Cappleman has gone out of his way to exclude women from leadership roles in the 46th Ward.

All politicians do the obligatory soft sell stuff, pictures with babies or in classrooms with children, but if a woman does get in politics, much of the electorate is more comfortable with the woman as helpmate rather than leader image.

Sorry not me. There are many aspects of being an alderman that truly do need empathetic and nurturing leadership, but still half the job is downtown in City Council. I was in real estate, venture capital and large scale information technology for over 40 years. I know how those guys roll.

We are talking about a multi-billion dollar budget and multi-billion dollars of properties and businesses, these guys don’t play. Don’t send teachers and preachers to spar with these guys, unless they are Neil deGrasse Tyson or Martin Luther King is all I have to say. History is full of evidence that what I am saying is true.

With no negative on any other candidate, I think the 46th Ward is fortunate to have a candidate of Marianne Lalonde’s calibre. If you don’t see she is leagues above the other candidates, you haven’t talked to her enough.

Most of the time I’m not big on titles or degrees, but she earned the right to be called Doctor Lalonde, she has a PhD, and from Northwestern no less. Still most just call her Marianne.

I know this from first hand observation, while other viable and semi-viable candidates were learning their stump speeches, in some cases discovering that people care about corruption and housing more today than education solving all problems after they are dead, Marianne was out the gate and moment one completely fluent and far beyond. When she speaks to you, she’s done her homework, it’s not just some fuzzy better world, it’s specifics, laws and negotiations, and how they relate to you, from someone who has actually written enacted laws unlike the rest of the pack, unless you want to count pigeon ordinances…

Of the 3 meet and greet the candidate talks I have been to, only one candidate didn’t have their handler interrupt the candidate and explain something to the crowd for them – Marianne Lalonde.

If you were playing with your own money and life (and you are) you would hire the best and most qualified. Marianne is that person. If you don’t know that yet, find out fast.


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