Criminal Cappleman forfeits election by violating the law multiple ways, Marianne Lalonde IS the rightful victor

You can’t make this up: Corrupt machine politician 46th Ward incumbent James Cappleman has city paid workers block challenger Marianne Lalonde’s campaign office with city paid machine

No matter how the corrupted and tainted vote counts up, Marianne Lalonde IS the legitimate 46th Ward Alderwoman, Cappleman is illegitimate

In most of the free world, in business, sport and life general, participants that break and violate the rules multiple times lose by default.

I have a strong hope that the final vote tally will show Marianne to be the winner even with Cappleman’s crooked ways. As I write this Marianne trails Cappleman by only 23 votes, an amount easily surmountable with votes still coming in by mail and provisional votes. Beyond that, multiple times over by my estimation, when you subtract Cappleman’s illegal vote buying with cupcakes, documented by the Chicago Reader and the Chicago Board of Elections, and other illegal acts…

…Illegal acts compounded by using city paid vehicles, equipment and employees for illegal campaign activity. The list of crimes is significant.

Note – Cappleman signs were not taken and left in same spots: Documented by Mary Anne Ahern NBC5 Chicago

It is basically impossible that without Cappleman’s criminal acts, that he could win this election. Without Cappleman’s criminal acts, it is impossible for Marianne Lalonde to have not won this election. Cappleman is a thief and a kidnapper, literally.

It’s much more than bribing voters in polling places with cupcakes, challenger signs stolen and blocking campaign office with city labor and equipment. It’s theft of Democracy and the rightful candidate from the voters. If we keep overlooking the crimes of politicians, their crimes become larger and more brazen, as well as hurt the general populace. TIF theft has rocketed from Millions to now Billions for instance.

Marianne Lalonde IS the 46th Ward Alderwoman


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