About Election 46

The Basics

Election 46 is 100% citizen based journalism. It exists for the sole purpose of electing legislators that are more ethical, equitable and accountable to the Uptown Chicago community than are currently in office.

There are roughly 50,000 people in Uptown and countless animals. Election46.com and its associated social media are for those 50,000 people and countless animals.

All of them, equally.

Whether it’s real estate or experiencing homelessness, it’s political. Whether it’s the largest property tax increases in Chicago history or non-stop revenue grabs, it’s political. Whether it’s closing schools and health clinics or gifting wealthy campaign donors millions of dollars, it’s political. Whether it’s the mass killing of innocent animals or bullying, even arresting caring senior citizens or local artists, it’s political. And so on, everything in Chicago is political.

If you would like to participate in Election 46’s digital properties, you are fully encouraged.

  • No Trump supporters are allowed. If you want to promote fascism or follow Hitler 2.0, do it somewhere else.
  • People of all faiths and non-faiths are welcome.
  • No disrespect or intolerance will be permitted for any reason.

What Election 46 is not

It is important to note Election 46 is not a for-profit or not-for-profit corporate entity. Even though many people that will be associated with Election 46 may work for various for-profit or not-for-profit corporate entities, or be volunteer members of various for-profit or not-for-profit corporate entities, everyone associated with Election 46 does so in their individual capacity. Election 46 is strictly citizen based journalism.

Election 46 does not take corporate donations, nor does it pay anyone associated with it wages or fees, etc.

Election 46 is not anonymous. Unlike phony neighborhood blogs that operate anonymously, and are propaganda rags for the 46th Ward Alderman Cappleman and his real estate benefactors, everyone at Election 46 uses their real name. Real names = real facts, no hidden agendas or lies. Anonymity = Fake facts, hidden agendas and lies.

Guest Authors

If you would to write articles for Election 46 once or on a regular basis, please contact us.