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Don’t shoot the messenger – I didn’t create the factors that make this message true

The worst possible runoff election scenario is a 100% guaranteed Cappleman reelection win

46th Ward incumbent Alderman Cappleman knows everything I have to say here is true. He may be a horrible person and alderman, but he has the people and money to poll and predict with accuracy various election outcomes. He understands just who lives in the 46th Ward today, who votes, how they vote and how prepared challenging campaigns are to ultimately win a runoff election with 50% +1 votes. Some of his challengers also have this same type of information, perhaps not all of them.

Understand that Cappleman is the only candidate polling within the realms of possibility to win outright the February 26, 2019 election. He can be unseated but if we don’t focus on a challenger that can win a runoff and vote our tushies off, Cappleman is reelected in the 1st round.

Most voters view general and runoff elections from the current point and move forward in time. Let’s go backwards from the end point instead, and focus on the runoff election should there be one, with no wishing on a star, no thoughts and prayers, just facts.

I’m not even going to waste any of our time discussing a runoff election with Justin Kreindler or Jon-Robert McDowell. It is impossible, 100% impossible, it will never happen in this year’s elections. This is math folks, 100% and impossible have unchangeable meanings.

It is very simple, if there is a runoff, Cappleman will be in the runoff with one of the women challengers. Great news, but hold on…

1st up, Angela Clay. Just pretend Angela Clay somehow got to the runoff election. I’m being quick because I know very few read long scholarly blog posts. Clay vs. Cappleman is a 100% guaranteed Cappleman win. It could be that 4 years from now, Angela will have spent a year before the election organizing, fundraising and building a coalition of support that is wide enough to win over half the 46th Ward’s votes, but not in today’s 3 months. 2019 is not going to happen for her, but she could guarantee a Cappleman reelection. I’m left of progressive, I wish this wasn’t true, but it is true. If you want to make an idealistic vote that will reelect Cappleman in the runoff, vote for Angela Clay.

As for the February 26, 2019 election and Angela, every non-Cappleman vote propels us closer to a runoff, so it is a very good thing to vote for Angela, as long as it’s not Angela that faces Cappleman in the runoff.

2nd and 3rd up, Marianne Lalonde and Erika Wozniak Francis. Only Marianne Lalonde and Erika Wozniak Francis have started their campaigns early enough to do the groundwork, fundraising, coalition building and can appeal to a wide enough swath of the 46th Ward to 50% +1 Cappleman in the April 2019 runoff election.

There isn’t going to be a challenger vs. challenger runoff. I repeat Cappleman will be in the runoff if he doesn’t outright win the February 26, 2019 election.

So, if you really want Cappleman gone, and you want some choice, pick Marianne Lalonde or Erika Wozniak Francis. This is reality folks, my heart goes out to all. I obviously picked Marianne Lalonde and believe 100% she is by far the best possible candidate. If Erika should end up in the runoff instead, I will vote wholeheartedly for her. I’ll vote for Angela Clay just as wholeheartedly in a runoff too.

It’s beyond personal, I’ve watched enough people suffer for years under the inequity and corruption of Alderman Cappleman. If Cappleman wins, the 46th Ward loses. If Cappleman wins, real people will hurt. It’s way beyond some petty Facebook drama folks, think about it.

What you believe, what you hope for, what someone told you, how nice these candidates are, how good their platforms might be, some half-false ethical roadblock for you or whatever, will change none of what I have said here.

All I ask is: If you are not voting for Marianne Lalonde or Erika Wozniak Francis, be honest with yourself that you like the candidate you are voting for or something about them so much you are willing to reelect Cappleman.

So there you go, if you can’t part the seas of mathematics like Moses, you need a new plan. 100%, 50%+1, zero, impossible, possible, reality, these are terms that defy redefinition.


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I like real estate developers and unions

Fix the hole in the wall or the whole room while you’re at it?

But neither of them should own candidates

You need residential and commercial buildings. You need education and labor. These are all great things for the common good.

For the common good is the key phrase here. Anything good in excess becomes bad, it’s a very simple fact. Now the 46th Ward of Chicago has had 8 years of incumbent Alderman Cappleman in a state of real estate developer excess. That industry owns him to the detriment of the common good. This needs to change, he needs to be voted out and replaced, period.

Today in 2019, we have 2 challengers to Cappleman, that realistically can actually unseat him, Marianne Lalonde and Erika Wozniak Francis.

In 2015, we only had one viable challenger candidate. Either you voted for the viable candidate, voted for Cappleman directly, voted for Cappleman indirectly by voting for a nonviable candidate or voted for Cappleman indirectly by not voting. Cappleman won.

In 2019, it’s a little bit more complex with some extra twist, but not all that different. We have 2 viable challenger candidates and 3 nonviable challenger candidates. By viable, I mean realistically can actually win the election and beat Cappleman.

Either you vote for the non-developer and non-union owned viable candidate Mariane Lalonde, vote for the union owned viable candidate Erika Wozniak Francis, vote for developer owned Cappleman directly, vote for Cappleman indirectly by voting for one of the 3 nonviable candidates or vote for Cappleman indirectly by not voting.

Folks, the 5 challengers to Cappleman all seem to be and I’m sure they are wonderful wonderful people. Being decent, compassionate, talented, and well meaning are all essential components of what could be a very good, even great alderman. Cappleman obviously fails in these categories as well as his prioritization of outside interests and inanimate objects over the common good.

There is much more to being the best choice to vote for, than those components though. A lot more to it. In the 46th Ward 2019 election for alderman, it’s an easy decision if you care about the common good.

Do vote for non-owned Marianne Lalonde. Don’t vote for developer owned Cappleman. Don’t vote for union owned Erika Wozniak Francis. Don’t vote for the non-viable candidates, which is the same thing as voting for Cappleman. Don’t stay home, which again is the same thing as voting for Cappleman.

Believe me, Cappleman is thrilled with the non-viable candidates. Don’t tell yourself that you are a big ‘Anyone But Cappleman’ person if you vote for a non-viable candidate. Maybe you need a real deep self-honesty session with the facts. I know it hurts – I feel for you totally. Reality can be a drag, but voting for a non-viable candidate IS voting for Cappleman, so if you do you are voting for Cappleman.

Trading one unbalanced developer owned candidate for another unbalanced union owned candidate may be a slight improvement but why move 10% when you can move much farther towards the common good?

There are only 2 viable challengers to Cappleman and one is union owned and no matter that she is a great person, poised to deliver an unbalanced representation for the common good. The other is non owned Marianne Lalonde, balanced in all areas and the best candidate for the common good of the 46th Ward.


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Everyone knows candidate Erika Wozniak Francis supports Machine Boss Toni Preckwinkle for Mayor

Why won’t Erika come clean with voters and admit it?

Politicians, even new ones, so often say things we want to be true, but frequently are not true. In the same vein, what they choose not to say or sidestep around can be of even greater importance.

READ THIS: Before you vote for 46th Ward Alderman excerpt:

“Be honest with yourself, do you really think as quiet as CTU endorsed Erika is about who she supports for Mayor, that she is going to stand up against a CTU endorsed Chair of the Cook County Democratic Party Mayor? If you do, come on over, I have a viaduct for sale.”

There are so many connected elements between Toni Preckwinkle and Erika Wozniak Francis, it would be beyond mind boggling to believe they are two unconnected people in a city of millions. Let’s just begin connecting the dots. I have confidence that you can finish connecting the dots.

Toni Preckwinkle – former teacher
Erika Wozniak Francis – current teacher
Toni Preckwinkle – former alderman
Erika Wozniak Francis – current candidate for alderman
Toni Preckwinkle – Chicago Teachers Union endorsed & financed
Erika Wozniak Francis – Chicago Teachers Union endorsed & financed
Toni Preckwinkle – Cook County Board President, Chair of the Cook County Democratic Party and now Mayor of Chicago candidate

Do you really think Toni just happens to be in all those major positions, and one of the few squeaky clean parts of the most corrupt major city?

It’s much more than the Ed Burke scandal, where Burke was extorting business owners to give money to Toni Preckwinkle. Chicago is and has been factually the most corrupt major city in the USA for many years. People like Toni Preckwinkle and 46th Ward Alderman Cappleman have been core participants in maintaining that #1 corruption designation.

A quote I swiped from friend on Facebook because it is 100% true:

“Toni has had 30 years in the machine to begin dismantling it. Instead, she now runs it. None of this opposition to Toni makes sense if you can’t acknowledge her grip on the wheel of the machine.

Accept the truth. The machine is not dead. It has simply evolved.”

Ditto with resistance to Erika, it doesn’t make sense if you can’t acknowledge that she has not even been elected yet, and is already playing politicians double talk with critically important issues like corruption and transparency.

I want to be wrong. Prove me wrong Erika. Stop the silence and lack of transparency. Make a strong clear non-retractable statement that you do not support Toni Preckwinkle, you will not vote for Toni Preckwinkle and encourage others to vote against Toni Preckwinkle and the evolving 2019 machine. Endorse a non-machine candidate for Mayor as well.

The voters deserve to know exactly who they are voting for.


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People of Chicago Demand Verifiable Transparency of Ald Cappleman

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READ THIS: Before you vote for 46th Ward Alderman

There are only 2 winnable paths through this selection to depose Cappleman & one is much better than the other

To be frank, I’d rather be playing with my synthesizers and drum machines, but this is important. At the end of 2017, I vowed to myself and probably G-d, that if I could do one more thing in life to love my neighbor, let it be to help replace the incumbent 46th Ward Alderman in the next election with someone more talented and empathetic, and less dishonest, corrupt and hateful. Hopefully, what I have condensed as much as I could, is a healthy mixture of realism, pragmatism, and my ever dominant idealism. I think it is.

This is a tough challenge: who should the 46th Ward strategically send into the fire breathing dragon pit called the Chicago City Council, that can escape alive with a gem or two? Empathy and great ideas are essential but won’t slay the crooks extraordinaire in our City Council.

The candidates by ballot order

Marianne Lalonde – The most desirable winnable path: #1 Recommendation

Marianne is the candidate sitting in the sweet spot of all factors. A real progressive with actual experience in national progressive politics. She is truly independent and the only viable challenger not beholden to outside groups.

Get to know Marianne and you will realize this is not a person you can push around. We need this to turn ideas into reality. City Council machine hacks are not going to be able to get over Marianne’s head and fool her.

  • Marianne is involved deeply with the community every moment of her spare time, well before her candidacy.
  • Marianne is a doer not a talker, whether it’s being President of the LANA block club, helping put rent control on ballot, spearheading the LSD Wilson Avenue exit removal resistance, as a member of the Clarendon Park Advisory Council, part of the committee to save Uplift, serving at Sarah’s Circle, supporting tiny houses or other things.
  • Marianne has a PhD in her tool-set, you have to love her hashtag #ScienceAgainstTheMachine. I’d say Marianne would easily be the most math savvy member of City Council, and perhaps the only one truly up to the task. It is time to throw away Cappleman’s dishonest bogus ‘evidence based’ bullsh*t. Real science and not fake science should rule a multi-billion dollar budget that millions of people depend on or should be able to depend on.
  • Marianne really understands and is unusually fluent on corruption, housing, healthcare and poverty issues.
  • Marianne can appeal fairly to a wide economic range of voters, especially since all residents are equal to her. These factors are essential to forming an election winning coalition that smashes Cappleman.

Vote for Marianne in the General and Runoff Elections and you have the best chance of deposing Cappleman and getting a non-machine alderman with the smarts and strength to make things actually happen afterwards.

You can’t have all this with any other viable candidate, it’s just that simple.

  • Erika Wozniak Francis – The less desirable winnable path. I absolutely love the CTU and would vote for Erika in a runoff against Cappleman. Historically though, CTU candidates are warm and fuzzy campaigners, but once elected quickly morph into basic issue City Council members. The last CTU candidate elected, 10th Ward Ald. Susan Garza, her vote stats are the same as Cappleman. If you want an establishment-level candidate with machine potential (Mayor? Toni Preckwinkle, CTU endorsed as is Erika) or just a fresh face to protest and complain about ineffective representation after the honeymoon, vote for Erika. Be honest with yourself, do you really think as quiet as CTU endorsed Erika is about who she supports for Mayor, that she is going to stand up against a CTU endorsed Chair of the Cook County Democratic Party Mayor? If you do, come on over, I have a viaduct for sale. Erika does have the potential to beat Cappleman in a runoff, but again that’s a small trade-up from Cappleman.
  • Justin Kriendler – I like Justin, I really do, but this candidacy has zero chance of making it into a runoff so I’m sorry to say can only siphon votes away from the challengers with runoff potential. If you’re a relative or friend, and/or don’t care about reelecting Cappleman, vote for Justin.
  • Incumbent Alderman CapplemanIf you like the status quo, tax and fee increases, inequity in favor of the wealthy and outside groups at your expense, and all that corruption and dishonesty, vote for Cappleman. The volumes of evidence are way too numerous to discuss here. If you care about easily available facts and the equality of all humans, do your homework and vote for someone else. I’m not gonna address it here, but if you are a Cappleman supporter and have ever wondered how Trump supporters can be so blind to Trump, now you know, because you yourself are fooled as well.
  • Angela Clay – I love Angela Clay, I would vote for her in a runoff against Cappleman, however she came too late to the party to set up a winnable campaign. I’ve been preaching this for years now, challengers to Cappleman are going to need at least six months before the General Election, not three or less. Angela didn’t listen to me, ha! If you want to reelect Cappleman, vote for Angela in the General Election. Makes me sad to say it, I really really like her, but at this point, her campaign may have very honorable intentions but in actual environment and time ends up being just a spoiler candidacy and General Election voters may not be likely to vote for another challenger in the Runoff Election in the same numbers as they did in the General Election, exactly what happened in the last 2 elections that put and kept Cappleman in power. Learn from history! I stress this, her campaign won’t be developed enough to beat Cappleman in a runoff, though I would happily vote for her in a Runoff Election against Cappleman anyway.
  • Jon-Robert McDowell – I like Jon-Robert, I really do, but this candidacy has zero chance of making it into a runoff so I’m sorry to say can only siphon votes away from the challengers with runoff potential. If you’re a relative or friend, and/or don’t care about reelecting Cappleman, vote for Jon-Robert.

You may not like it, but it’s direct & honest advice about your vote & the election results that come from it

These recommendations are based on facts, history and years of observation. Any he said/she said or bashing comments will be deleted. I’m not looking for debate, I’m just sharing what should be valuable insights to you. Measurable strategic truths and historical facts predictive of the future do not always sit well with many.

This is real for 50,000+ 46th Ward residents, even truly the whole of Chicago and it can’t be done any other way, sorry.

I implore you to look at the entire ward/city of facts, and ask yourself, do you really feel the candidate you will vote for in the General Election has a realistic and achievable plan to win either the General Election or a Runoff Election? Warm fuzzies and idealistic attention to details are all good, but if you truly want Cappleman gone, there are only two paths that go there, one is much better than the other, and that is Marianne Lalonde.

This is not a video game with results built in pixels, real people will gain and lose if you are wrong. Consider what I have said.

Thanks so much for listening!

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People of Chicago Demand Verifiable Transparency of Ald Cappleman

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Wow, was I wrong about Marianne Lalonde

VIDEO WTTW About the Candidate and Q&A

How I met Marianne Lalonde

I think it was in May of 2017, that friend, neighbor and community member David Baumgartner and I went to a Lakeside Area Neighbors Association block club meeting. For years, oddly our area bordered by Sheridan, Wilson, Clarendon and Eastwood was one of the few, if not the only area that wasn’t part of a block club in the 46th Ward. LANA had recently enlarged its borders to include us.

Historically, I have been opposed to many parts of the 46th Ward block club structure, but I was happy for this act of inclusion. I was even trying to go full on community relationships and put aside my block club disdain and activism. I’m glad I did for a moment as it turns out today.

At the June meeting, I voted for Marianne for the first time, to be the block club President. There seemed to be a genuine block club desire to grow and diversify the block club. Still, I wrongly judged Marianne even though I didn’t know it yet and assumed she was just an installed Cappleman block club pawn.

And that was it for a time. I pretty much settled into observation mode and was happy our building residents were plugged into what should be a fully inclusive neighborhood structure.

It became clear in time to me, LANA was the best and most independent block club. A lot of moves under Marianne’s guidance were made to improve things. To be sure a number of others deserve credit as well, Marianne is a leader not a ruler.

WOW though, did my brain explode in a million pieces on the day she announced she was challenging Cappleman.

Golly gosh gee whiz if I didn’t do it again, I judged her short a 2nd time! I’m like OK she’s independent, smart, a leader… but she must be one of those typical Democrats…

One thing about Marianne is she may very well have a long term game plan, but in that game plan, she is all in for the 46th Ward. She spends every moment that is uninvolved with survival, doing something for the community. Whether it’s the block club, Lake Shore Drive – Wilson Avenue exit removal, Clarendon Park Advisory Council, Uplift or Sarah’s Circle or even small things, she is the only candidate that shares CCO Facebook posts for instance.

Unlike the other candidates I have seen, she comes around when she wants nothing, she is a true friend to the community. She’s a doer not a talker.

OK, I’m tired of being wrong about Marianne – this I am not wrong about, I’ve taken the time full of first hand observance, facts not assumptions – she is a true progressive and the only true independent not beholden to outside groups progressive that is actively building a wide coalition across all strata necessary to beat Cappleman. Marianne is clearly a growth person and truly listening to us.

We can do no better than electing Marianne, it’s as simple as that.


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People of Chicago Demand Verifiable Transparency of Ald Cappleman

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Candidates for 46th Ward Alderman need to declare their preference for Mayor of Chicago

Constituents deserve to know, anything else is less than transparent and should be rejected

I won’t vote for or promote any candidate until I know. I encourage you to do the same.

Everyone knows aldermen are not islands unto themselves. Their policies mean little, without knowing what team they hope to support and implement their policies.

Knowing their preference for Mayor sheds essential light on a candidate for alderman. A strong candidate is not wishy-washy, trying to get the best of all worlds.

Let’s face it, the range of choices for Mayor of Chicago are wide. Little has been said so far from 46th Ward candidates about the corruption in Chicago City Council and how they plan to confront it.

Chicago is widely known as factually the most corrupt major city in the USA. A well deserved reputation in my opinion. Everything that happens in Chicago government rests upon a politician’s awareness and resolve to deal with this. If a candidate is naive or cavalier about the corruption that exists today, pie in the sky or …

Chicago mayoral and aldermanic corruption didn’t go away with the demise of the Daley administrations. It’s bigger and more sophisticated that ever.

Aldermanic candidates need to stand up for who they believe in. Willing to work with any Mayor is NOT good enough. Of course, no winning candidate for alderman is going to resign because their preferred mayoral candidate didn’t win. The people should know who they sync with however.

Voters deserve to know the whole package before they sign up, period.


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People of Chicago Demand Verifiable Transparency of Ald Cappleman

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Which other candidate would the 46th Ward alderman candidates support in a runoff?

Candidates for Chicago’s 46th Ward alderman Erika Wozniak, left and Marianne Lalonde, right.

This is the most important question we can ask right now

If you haven’t read on the Internet yet, two people have announced campaigns to run against incumbent Alderman James Cappleman for Chicago’s 46th Ward alderman, CPS teacher Erika Wozniak and scientist Marianne Lalonde.

How exciting! If you know me, you know I feel there isn’t one single thing that could achieve more for equality of all kinds, and a fair, compassionate and corruption-free Chicago than replacing Alderman Cappleman, and his benefactor Mayor Emanuel.

Erika, Marianne, Yehuda and probably you too, have one thing in common. We all want someone else besides James Cappleman to be the 46th Ward alderman.

Erika and Marianne, I commend you. One good thing in both your favor is you are obviously courageous and strong women. As we know, both publicly and anonymously, Cappleman and Emanuel play GOP dirty campaigns, this one is gonna be rough. To fight the machine of corruption is going to be hell and personally costly, I’m sure.

I thought hard about this over time. If I could only get one question answered super honestly and with commitment by each and every one of the candidates, what would it be?

The odds are strong there will be a runoff election in the 46th Ward for alderman and Chicago mayor as well

Erika: If a runoff election pitted Alderman Cappleman against Marianne Lalonde, who would you support and vote for?

Marianne: If a runoff election pitted Alderman Cappleman against Erika Wozniak, who would you support and vote for?

James: If a runoff election pitted Marianne Lalonde against Erika Wozniak, who would you support and vote for?

Bonus points for all candidates: If a Mayoral runoff election pitted Troy LaRaviere against Rahm Emanuel, who would you support and vote for?

Please do let us know. Please consider these respectful questions as serious and important to your potential constituents.


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People of Chicago Demand Verifiable Transparency of Ald Cappleman

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