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54 degrees overnight – start of the season the City doesn’t care if you freeze to death

Tent City was removed ‘permanently’ a year ago, but residents still living outside in the park nearby vow to rebuild it. The City of Chicago and its useless politicians have done nothing to ease the reasonable housing shortage tragedy that continues unabated.

Park residents vow to rebuild Tent City

56 degrees, seems balmy enough, right? Try sleeping outside in it at the beginning of the cold season with no acclimation or protection from the elements.

I ran into a couple this morning that looked pretty worn from sleeping overnight in the park. I hope area residents and 46th Ward aldermanic candidates will keep their human suffering in mind and actually do something about it. The couple vowed to rebuild Tent City. I have no doubt it needs to be done and they have little choice.

The emergency situation real living human beings go through living outside in Chicago weather is equal to other areas hurricanes and other disasters. Chicago real estate industry corruption has blinded the eyes of politicians like 46th Ward Alderman Cappleman. Mayor Emanuel may have his exit planned but we still need to get rid of Cappleman and other aldermen that have lost their humanity.

Cappleman has done his slick videos and newscasts, and surely is preparing his campaign lies now, but truth is nothing has been done since Tent City was cruelly uprooted. Even essential zoning and ordinances for Tiny Houses sit dead in City Council, while our useless legislators sleep in their comfortable homes.

Please keep people living outside in your prayers.


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