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When you buy an alderman in Chicago’s 46th Ward, you can steal public land for free off the books

Public property across the sidewalk from CPS building give-away fenced off with sign falsely announcing it is private property

Amazing enough that a Chicago Public School (Graeme Stewart in Uptown) with land, sufficient and ripe for independent development on both sides of it, was sold for likely 25% or less of fair market value to private developers, but City of Chicago land completely unconnected to the school, to the west of the public sidewalk has been commandeered for zero dollars.

This is corruption in Chicago, don’t close your eyes. This is illegal.

Across the street from Alderman Cappleman’s office, trumpeting to all of us that the law means zero, you mean zero, the fix is in and deeply.

Don’t whine about Trump on your Facebook profile and hypocritically vote for the local version, Alderman Cappleman. Crooks need to be voted out of office, not in again.


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