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Happy New Year! Welcome to Election 46!

Whether you are a condo owner or someone experiencing homelessness in Chicago’s 46th Ward, you deserve a better Alderman and Mayor

The Chicago municipal election is scheduled for February 26, 2019. This may sound like a long time from now, but traditionally the campaign period starts after the State/Federal elections, which will be November 6, 2019. This is only 10 months from now.

I believe the following:

  • Chicago’s 46th Ward needs a new alderman
  • The City of Chicago needs a new mayor
  • Well over 90% of the 46th Ward’s population gains with a new alderman and mayor
  • Candidates need to step up and start campaigning now

Holding elections in one of, if not the coldest month of the year, and with a relatively short campaign period beforehand are planned advantages for those in power. This is of no advantage to the general population and actually even detrimental. Well, we can’t change the election date (yet) but we can start the campaign season earlier to increase the quality of information, planning and organization.

In the 2015 runoff election, Cappleman won by only 970 votes, less than 2% of the 46th Ward’s population. In the same election Emanuel won by 73,609 votes, less than 3% of Chicago’s population.

In my opinion, replacing Cappleman and Emanuel is an eminently achievable goal but if candidates wait to campaign until just 3 months before the election, it shows they are barely plugged into the community and useless, likely to lose.

Hopefully, the lessons of the 2015 runoff election won’t be lost on the 2019 election candidates…

It is personal

It really doesn’t matter what set of concerns you have though, the corruption, inequity and dishonesty of Alderman Cappleman and Mayor Emanuel are stealing something significant from everyone. It IS personal.

It is not a matter of political party

Don’t be fooled by labels either. Trump, Rauner, Emanuel and Cappleman are all playing in the same sandbox with the same toys. No Democrat, progressive or any other left leaning or centrist leaning constituent should vote for any of them. Vote for all of them or vote for none of them, no other set of votes stand up to the tests of consistent facts and logic. The evidence of these politicians’ actions is too great to ignore, if you will be honest with yourself. It is NOT a matter of political party.

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