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Complain online about Trump’s nepotism but are OK with Cappleman’s nepotism?

Ald. Cappleman deals with City Hall and real estate developers while husband Richard Thale takes care of the police end of things. Just try and find a picture of these two without bow ties, tuxes or Banana Ward Fantasy Island hats… #JustSayin

There are very good reasons why nepotism is unethical and often illegal in government. OK, Trump gets away with it so far, and so does Cappleman.

Don’t delude yourself like the average Trump supporter, this is real. If you think Trump’s family should be kicked out of government, even unpaid positions, so should Cappleman’s unpaid family.

Alderman Cappleman quotation: “My husband Richard Thale and I have been together for 23 years. Richard is the CAPS Beat Facilitator and 19th Police District Court Advocacy Chair.”

I know I have experienced Cappleman staff physically threatening me in person next to Uptown Baptist Church on Wilson Ave. Even at Democratic Party political events, the same Cappleman former Chief of Staff actually had physical contact and assaulted radio host Maze Jackson.

Recently, Election 46 reported Thale’s neighborhood watch group using the police and courts to enforce their physically aggressive and unsolicited intimidation against political critics. Don’t spend much time trying to imagine this. It’s a fact, they even tried to trump up their VICTIM’s charges to a felony. Talk about text book autocrat.

Cappleman’s husband is not only good at trying to silence and punish political critics in person, he is also useful for stalking critics online, registering slanderous domains anonymously, and using various fake online accounts (there is evidence). OK, no Russian meetings yet, but still if this isn’t Banana Ward behavior, I don’t know what is…

Ignoring the 1st amendment, practicing nepotism, condoning threats and violence, police and court lies, and more. All shared Trump and Cappleman traits. What’s next Alderman, maybe some FOX News Uptown Update propaganda hit pieces?


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