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Repeat after me: There is no machine

Let me count the machines in my lifetime

Democrats in power think voters are stupid, are they right? I hope not, but I can assure you every time one of them in power tells you there is no machine, they are counting on your stupidity.

Chicago over and over again gets named the most corrupt major city in the country, and I guess the Democrats in power would have you think there are no donkeys to pin that tail on. Well folks, it’s not fake news. It’s real. Chicago IS the most corrupt major city in the country and it IS the Mayor and City Council that lead that greedy corrupt thieving pack of liars.

One of the blessings of being old, I can personally attest to being a witness to 3 machines in my lifetime, with a 4th in the making.

  • Richard J. Daley machine
  • Richard M. Daley machine
  • Rahm Emanuel machine
  • The new improved 2019 machine

These are all basically evolutionary stages of the same machine. None of them fought to take over from the other, that’s why over the years there are many common members.

Machine investment banker style

When he’s not busy mansplaining and gas-lighting women that are more intelligent and better informed than he is on Facebook, fools like Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa will tell you there is no machine. I will tell you bullsh*t. Every successive machine got bigger, better, smarter and more sophisticated.

From a neighborhood guy like Richard J. Daley to current machine boss investment banker Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago machine now steals billions of dollars.

It’s down to a science apparently, freshman City Council aldermen are now nipped in the bud, neutered and converted into rubber stamps in their first term of office. See my last post ‘Progressive’ Caucus votes overwhelmingly with Rahm Emanuel; in an election, it would be called a landslide for evidence. Facts matter unless you’re an alternate facts kinda person…

New Boss same as the old Boss

Now, enough time has passed that we are beginning to be able to predict how things are going to coalesce. Most candidates for mayor are vanity candidates, with little to no chance of winning. Mendoza and Preckwinkle are the preferred candidates of the DNC ruling class, especially Preckwinkle. I do think there are a couple of realistic alternatives to those 2 crooks but I’m not gonna go into that now.

Either Mendoza or Preckwinkle would be Rahm 2.0, and Machine 4 in my lifetime would be golden, let the party and pillaging begin. I’d say Preckwinkle will push the other machine hopefuls out.

Now here is where it starts to get local. Really sorry to say this, I love unions and I love teachers and education, but the Chicago Teachers Union endorsed Preckwinkle. The CTU signed up for the power-corruption club.

I may lose some friends here and feel free to put some evidence out there to support an alternate viewpoint, but I’m gonna say that anywhere, and specifically in the 46th Ward, any candidate for alderman endorsed by the CTU is going to disappoint. I didn’t make up these numbers, let the evidence speak for itself. Historical case in point:

Ald. Cappleman 93% – Ald. Sadlowski Garza 93%

Moving forward, I don’t see any other way to connect the dots. Speaking to the next municipal term, if the CTU endorses the machine leader (and they have) and an aldermanic candidate, without direct rebellion, none of them are gonna speak up to their own machine’s corruption, right?

The machine is hungry and many a freshman alderman is plenty willing first term to be food, by plan, pressure or naiveté. I can only hope there exists today candidates willing to not only acknowledge the machine is bigger and more corrupt than ever, but tackle it name by name and truly action anti-corruption and progressive values rather than wear the names like charms on a bracelet.

We need candidates who not only speak to truth but fight for it.

We need aldermen with 100% anti-corruption values first. If the system remains corrupt, as it is today, no aldermanic platform, no matter how great it is, can be enacted equitably.

We need aldermen smart enough to take off the blinders and not be hoodwinked, and strong enough to stay the course.

Lead or be led, candidates.


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