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Don’t let your Neighborly Vigilance confuse Police Officers with People Experiencing Homelessness

46th Ward Homelessness still illegal though it isn’t

Email from Cappleman’s office:

Because of recent concerns about a homeless person sleeping in Arai Park, Chicago Public Schools’ security staff added Arai Park to its rotation for evening security rounds.

Last night, as the CPS security officer was patrolling Arai Park around 10:30 p.m., neighbors called 911 to report him and his car to the police. The CPS officer talked to responding Chicago Police officers and resolved the situation quickly; the CPS security officer is an off-duty Chicago Police Officer who was wearing a CPS Safety and Security jacket and driving a vehicle with municipal plates.

CPS has asked our office to notify neighbors that these patrols are occurring on a regular basis, so there is no confusion. If you are part of a block club and can share this information more widely, we’d appreciate it.

We appreciate your and your neighbors’ vigilance. Please let me know if there are any additional issues or concerns.

Best regards,

Monique Curet
Aldermanic Aide
46th Ward office
City of Chicago


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