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I’m not a pragmatic voter

Pragmatic voting is death to our political system

If only ballots had None Of The Above for a choice, things would change quickly. As it is, voting your conscience can be costly.

If you always choose ‘the best available candidate’ of what choices you are given, if there is no point where all the choices are unacceptable… slowly but surely your choices will degrade. Of course, the most powerful and selfish will eventually dominate and this is where we are today.

Politicians have no incentive to have a platform worthy of your vote. There is no incentive to actually do what they say after being elected either.

There will always be really bad choices. If all you have to do is be the slightly better really bad choice… it’s math, it just gets worse and worse until there is no coming back. Take a beautiful high resolution image and save it at 90% quality over and over, and see the math for yourself. Eventually it is garbage, unusable. This is why today, talk of revolution and guillotines are popular on the net.

Pragmatic voting gave us Trump, Rauner, Emanuel and Cappleman, isn’t that sufficient evidence?

Ok, it’s an overwhelming problem, I get it. Here’s my suggestion. Start local, very local.

Just like you can’t solve world hunger but you can feed the hungry people on your block. Just like you can’t solve homelessness, but you can… you get the point.

You can’t fix our political system, but you can make sure Chicago’s 46th Ward or your ward gets a new alderman that isn’t a crook and a shill for the wealthy. I’m not saying don’t work on the whole spectrum, but really crunch on your starting objective.

Consider it.

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The Lindsay HUGE controversy, trying not to vote for a corrupt system’s candidates

Two of Chicago City Council’s most real estate industry corrupt Aldermen, 46th Ward Ald. James Cappleman & 49th Ward Ald. Joe Moore with Judicial candidate Lindsay Huge (males across middle)

Trying to find untainted candidates that are not cozying up to a corrupt system can be difficult

As you might know from my previous post, Cappleman issues billionaire’s choice ballot, I’d rather leave a ballot blank, than vote for anyone Cappleman endorses.

I admit it, I am sick of the system and over 40+ years of ‘pragmatic’ voting, things have just gotten worse. My conscience drives me now. We may not be able to stop the big money takeover of our government fully yet, but we don’t have to make it easy. There is also a chance we can bit by bit replace the crooks. We have to start somewhere. If we don’t stand against inequity and corruption now, we’ll always have it.

Initially back some months, an attorney whom I have the highest respect for recommended Lindsay Huge as a candidate for judge in the 8th Subcircuit. Wonderful I thought, like many of us, I always have difficulty navigating the selection of judges on the ballot.

Soon afterwards however, I saw pictures and posts of connections to Cappleman. Rut-roh, bad moves in many eyes, certainly mine.

Recently when Cappleman issues billionaire’s choice ballot came out, Lindsay Huge was not on it, so I thought he was not endorsed by Cappleman. I even posted a now deleted Facebook recommendation.

Not so fast Yehuda!

Turns out I was wrong. Lindsay Huge is endorsed by Cappleman. Even worse his campaign manager (and that person’s father) are a part of the false charges against Jeffrey Littleton for having opposition political views, that I began to talk about in previous post Team Cappleman Neighborhood Watch Group just waiting for its own George Zimmerman or Laquan McDonald moment.

No, I cannot support officials that even look the other way, much less have actual connection to the felony crime of filing false charges against constituents to silence and/or punish their political opposition that Team Cappleman engages in…

UPDATE: I would suggest Lindsay Huge fire his campaign manager, to me that would indicate his platform is serious. He is a defender not a prosecutor. His campaign manager obviously finds false prosecution attractive, not good.

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