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Has your rent or property taxes been increasing more than Cappleman’s?

After Alderman Cappleman voted in the largest Chicago property tax increase in history?

Obviously, rent includes property taxes.

The results of Cappleman’s certain to be appealed 2017 taxes are not in yet. But whoa, his taxes in 2016 went down! Did your rent or property taxes decrease in 2016 from the previous year? Or in any other year to year period?

2015 1.3% increase
2016 5% decrease
2017 10% increase (don’t believe it), this is before inevitable appeal

We shall see later the true 2017 rate. I’m predicting he will appeal it at a time that figures will not be available until after the election.

Cappleman Cook County Property Tax Portal results

Results courtesy Cook County Tax Portal

My take is Alderman Cappleman is a personally expensive alderman to have around. All of us pay through the nose for the ‘privilege’, yet somehow Cappleman himself escapes the effects of his own votes for higher taxes…


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