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Cappleman issues Billionaires Choice Ballot

Or who NOT to vote for, if you are not wealthy

Personally, I’d rather leave a ballot blank, than vote for anyone Cappleman endorses. We know just how inequitable and corrupt Cappleman is. We sure don’t want more politicians that are to his liking.

Fortunately, there are some good alternatives to ruling class preference for rich crooks.

Daniel Biss and Litesa Wallace for Governor and Lt. Governor, instead of billionaire JB Pritzker and Juliana Stratton.

Fritz Kaegi for Cook County Assessor, instead of corrupt Joseph Berrios.

Join the Election 46 and Election Chicago Facebook groups to find quality alternatives for all the elections that affect Chicagoans.

On the other side of the endorsement equation, any politician that is ignorant of just how toxic Cappleman has been to the 46th Ward’s residents, shows how out of touch they are, and are not worthy of your vote.

Any true progressive would spurn the endorsement of Cappleman, like Bernie Sanders did with Rahm Emanuel.

Also, do not forget when the municipal election rolls around in February 2019, that Cappleman stands for billionaires and crooks, not you.

Please, stop voting for fake progressives and thieves for the rich. It makes no sense whatsoever to be against billionaire or corruption rule, but then vote for Cappleman or his recommendations. Think about it.

Take this piece into the voting booth with you!
And vote for someone else!


Please sign this Petition: Do Not Endorse Alderman Cappleman

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